Does it cost anything to adopt?

Yes, in order to ensure our birds are being adequately homed, we do require an adoption fee which varies depending on the species. All adoption fees go towards the care of the parrots currently housed with us. Please send us a message on our “Contact” page for details on individual birds.

What else is required for adoption?
We require an application to be filled out, which may require veterinary references, housing information, and other details about the potential home. We also require a contract to be signed when turning in the application fee. Details, as well as the application, can be requested under our “Contact” page.

I would like to surrender my bird, what is required of me to do so?
We understand that in some cases, a pet may be benefited more if re-homed due to unpredictable circumstances If we have space available, we will take surrendered birds. We are only housing medium to small sized birds at this time, but can help in the process of re-homing larger species. We require a form to be filled out detaining the bird, its medical history, and specific needs. For questions on availability or to request a donor or release form, please visit our “Contact” page.

How can I donate to this organization?
Visit our kickstarter here to pledge to the birdies!

Are you accepting volunteers or foster homes?
At this time, we are not currently accepting any new volunteers or foster homes. However,  we are looking towards this in the future once our organization has had more time to mature.

How do I meet the bird before adopting it if you do not have a physical location yet?
We are still in the beginning stages of developing our organization and are working towards a facility as quickly as possible. For now, we are arranging to meet up with those interested in adoption in a location that is appropriate and agreeable for both parties (visit the “Contact” page to reach out to us). We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope for your support as we continue to develop. 🙂

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