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**As of July 24 2019, B’s Birdhouse Parrot Rescue is at capacity and will be unable to take in any more surrendered birds. At this time we do not have the funding nor the volunteers necessary to give the best quality of life possible to our residents. We will be accepting adoption applications for the remaining birds we have and then closing down until further notice.

To our family, friends, supporters, donors, and everyone else who has followed our story,

It is with great sadness that I announce I must temporarily close down B’s Birdhouse Parrot Rescue. I cannot further support this organization financially or physically/emotionally at this time. Continuing would no longer be in the best interest of the parrots I have already taken in. After weeks of consideration, I have decided that this is the best course of action, at least for the near future.

For those wondering what will be done with the rest of the adoptable birds: we are still absolutely in need of forever homes for these babies! Please visit our “Adoption” tab on our website or email us at bsbirdhouse@outlook.com to get an adoption application. 

I cannot thank each of you enough for this journey thus far. To all of those who never stopped believing in me, to those who helped me further educate others on the complexity and beauty of these creatures, to those who donated, and to those who cared just enough to share our mission. Together we saved the lives of 18 birds since we opened last May. I could not be more overwhelmed with joy when I think about that.

Although I am unable to support more animals at this time, please know that my journey is not even close to ending here. I genuinely think it has just begun. I will always be available for questions or concerns regarding your feathered friend, relocating, adopting a new bird, and everything in between. I am here for you always.

Beatrice Ridmann
Owner/Founder B’s Birdhouse Parrot Rescue



B’s Birdhouse Parrot Rescue is a nonprofit organization that specializes in rescuing, housing, and re homing birds. We were founded by Beatrice Ridmann in May of 2018 and are currently located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was brought to our attention that there are nearly no parrot rescues available in the area, thus  we have devoted our lives to providing one.

Currently, we are able to provide housing to medium to smaller parrots, including but not limited to parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, cockatiels, and some conures. In many cases, we’ll also accept smaller non-parrot species such as doves or finches. At this time, we are unable to house large parrot species but can provide the contact information of rescues that would be able to.

As an organization that is newly established, we do not yet have a location for visitors, but are still able to work with individuals by email or phone. We ask for your support and patience and we grow and develop our organization, as we wish for each bird to be carefully adopted out into enriching homes. Please contact us or visit our FAQ page for more details regarding our family, adoptions, drop offs, or our policies.

Our Mission

The bird squad at the My Furry Valentine summer 2018 event.

Parrots are capable of being loyal, smart and loving companions. There are several different species that are available as pets, including parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, macaws, and cockatoos. Many have the capability of learning how to repeat words or phrases they hear from their owners, or even learn how to mimic common household noises.  These characteristics, and many others,  have made them very popular pets.

These animals are highly intelligent and complex. Studies have even shown that their emotional capacity can be compared to that of a small child. Because of this, all species require hours of daily socialization, maintenance, exercise, and a very specific diet. They also require ongoing purchases of different types of foraging toys. Their lifespan can range from 8 years to 60+ years depending on the species, and many even end up outliving their owners. Exotic veterinarian visits can become very costly, as they are recommended at least once pet year regardless if the bird seems healthy. Unfortunately, many tend to underestimate the care and funding necessary to keep a bird. Due to these factors, as well as several others, it is not uncommon for owners to surrender or neglect these animals.

Our mission is to rescue birds from unideal situations and find them a permanent home that will provide the love and care they need. We strive to educate as many people as possible about considering adoption before a breeder or pet store, as well a the care required to own a bird.

As most know, pets are an ongoing expense that can be very costly in the long run. We wish to eventually find a public, permanent location so that we are able let people interact with our residents. Because of these things, we are seeking donations to fund start up costs, veterinary visits, food, toys, and supplies. Please contact us if you are interested in helping our cause!


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